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[53]  2020-01-09  06:30:03
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[50]  2018-09-04  09:46:05
Name: » Tomas     From: Stockholm
Tack fr alla bilder uriah heep abominog grymt bra gjort 😁

[49]  2017-11-16  22:01:11
Name: » Oswaldo     From: Nicaragua
Gracias por tu excelente trabajo, este es muy apreciado por mi persona, continua dando lo mejor de ti!!!!


[48]  2017-05-14  04:52:53
Name: Matthew
Thank you so much for the images. You have provided me what I have spent an hour searching for. Might I suggest doing the Kill 'Em All and Screaming For Vengeance covers next.

[47]  2017-02-20  11:30:39
Name: » DavidSiz
Website: » SUBJ1
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[46]  2016-06-10  15:44:28
Name: » Kazuhiko Nagasato     From: Japan
Great image.
Please Other Album Front & Back Cover Artwork , Bands Image.High-Resolution File.
Thank you.

[45]  2014-08-10  07:58:04
Name: » Mikel Flowers     From: California, United States
Love your choice of metal, seen most of them a few times. Keep rockin' rivet-head!!

[44]  2014-03-05  04:13:31
Name: » Daniel     From: Uruguay
Website: »
Hi ximmix, I love your paintings you are such great with photoshop!!. I downloaded all of maiden and many of your wallpapers.
Please check my site, I painted t-shirts for almost 24 years, don't look at the early ones they really sucks, I painted many more but I don't have any pic.

Great work and don't stop. Best regards!!

[43]  2014-02-07  19:11:22
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[42]  2013-09-25  12:33:37
Name: » juanmanuel     From: argentina
Hi ! Great work , very nice. I'm a big fan of Blackmore and Dio ... cheers

[41]  2013-08-30  21:28:55
Name: » Kiro     From: Kiro
Website: »
Great work! I'd like to see the two designs of the Judas Priest Point of entry album with exact colors for printing if it is possible. Thank you in advance! Regards!

[40]  2013-03-15  06:31:43
Name: » Luis     From: Mexico
Nice work! Up the irons!!!

[39]  2013-03-02  06:35:00
Name: ximmix
Will wrote 2013-01-25 09:00:24:
Mikael, from July are no new wallpapers, its strange. I'd like to see your new works.

Will, iI have scanned the ones I think are good from my collection. I'm always open to scan donated albums..

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