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[23]  2011-11-27  00:39:40
Name: » Coen     From: Germany
Website: »
This is really incredible, I'm still amazed by the clarity & Quality of your work!
I simply don't understand how you cleaned the covers, and got rid of the text.
Could you explain this?
For instance Dio: The last in line - Foldout: How do you clear the text, and make the picture look like it came directly from the artist, ready for printing?
My compliments.

[22]  2011-11-18  00:00:59
Name: » Adrian     From: Spain
Wonderful Stuff. Probably the best I,ve seen on the net. You are gifted.
If someday you need a cover make me know and perharps I´ll be able to help you.

[21]  2011-11-05  01:20:15
Name: » Renan     From: Brasil
Muito orbrigado !!! eu sou do Brasil, e estas capas estao perfeitas parabens pelo trabalho.
espero que você possa postar mais capas de outras bandas abraços

[20]  2011-10-24  15:59:20
Name: » Skeleton     From: Serbia
Website: » Skeleton Music Catalog
Absolutely amazing... Best quality of most covers I've seen!

[19]  2011-08-05  19:09:41
Name: Froll
Awesome! Thanks for it!

[18]  2011-07-17  05:20:48
Name: » Eirik     From: Everywhere
Dude thanks for the amazing firefox persona's! The clarity is amazing, have you thought about making a from fear to eternity persona? The artwork on that album is sick! Thanks again

[17]  2011-07-17  04:05:37
Name: » Raul     From: Antofagasta, Chile
You're scans are awesome. I hope that you upload more metallica's covers if you have them. Thanks.

[16]  2011-06-15  05:13:52
Name: Anonymous     From: Brazil
Your scans are amazing. Truly archival quality.

[15]  2011-05-22  18:52:17
Name: » Ben Trombley     From: New York, USA
Just wanted to say that the stuff on this site is incredible. I have a large number of your wallpapers cycling as my desktop wallpaper. Thanks for some great stuff!

[14]  2011-04-23  03:00:19
Name: SPZ     From: Texas
Awesome wallpapers. I hope you add Megadeth and Death soon.


[13]  2011-04-14  18:37:19
Name: » joe     From: England
Great site!!!!!!!

[12]  2011-03-19  18:00:01
Name: thenextone     From: Italy
great site, great work all the covers are wonderful, thanks for sharing!

[11]  2011-03-19  17:46:16
Name: Simon Mikael
Accept covers: Amazing work! Good job!

[10]  2011-03-15  07:50:18
Name: Neno     From: Croatia
Finaly wallpaper in hi resolution!
I will make poster of your scans of Dio and Judas Priest.
Maybe you can do scans of Saxon(crusader,dogs of war,etc.)Ozzy (No rest for the wicked-i love that cover art)

[9]  2011-03-10  19:40:10
Name: » alex V Zamora     From: Mexico
Exelente Trabajo ¡¡¡ te felicito !!! todos son exelentes pero Sobresale tu obra maestra con DIO

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